Sites that have https:// in the url are using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. Many e-commerce sites report increased sales after switching to SSL even if they do not store credit card information on their server (eg. merchants that use Paypal).

! SSL certificates are for existing hosting customers only.

Each SSL cerificate comes with one private IP. Separate IPs and SSL certificates are required for each domain / subdomain to be secured by SSL.

To secure all the subdomains of a domain a "Wildcard" certificate is required - contact us for more information.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate - $115.95 CAD /year, includes installation.

Enter the domain name that this certifcate will be applied to and click the Buy Now button.

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Company Validated Instant SSL Certificate - $225.95 CAD / year, includes $10,000 warranty, Trust logo, and installation.


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